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Mudgie DaOtter BIO:

Age: we don't really know and he won't tell us.

Sex: Male and proud of it.

Height: 5ft 6inches head to tail

Weight: Ok he says 12lbs, but the scale says 19 3/4lbs

Material status: Single, but Pivver (his mate) says otherwise.

Hair color: Brown with lighter throat patch

Favorite food: Smelt

Favorite Activity: Snow toboggan

Mudgie Q & A:

1. If you can have any job you wish in the world, what would it be?

    "Seafood taster, wot else is der?"

2. If you could be president of the USA, what would your first law be?

    "Dat all otters have complete control of all da waterways and lakes. Dem humans need permission ta use them from us otters. Dis would be done by an otter council dat runs da show, mate."

3. How many children would you like to have?

    "Listen hear, mate, me's gots lost on da number me's already has. So don't ya go ask'in me dat."

4. If you were a movie star, what would be the title of the movie you would be in?

    "Otterheart, mate cept me's wouldn't be knocked off in da end like dat other movie."

5. What pet would you most likely like to have?

    " Wotever can brings me da most smelt, mate."


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